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What Is A Compassion Clinic?

A Compassion Clinic is a catalytic event led by local church collaboratives. It is designed to show the love of God to neighbors who are underinsured and in need. Clinic guests experience God's love through the provision of free basic health care and social service networking.

What Is Offered At These Clinics?

A Compassion Clinic typically offers medical, dental, and chiropractic care. Certain clinics may also provide vision and other forms of physical care such as foot and nail care. There are also social service fairs where organizations and churches are able to network with guests to show what is offered in the area. Most importantly it is the compassion of Christ that is shown through the volunteers and the united effort of the churches.

How Can I Be A Part Of One Of These Clinics?

Compassion Connect is fully committed to supporting, encouraging, and providing resources to any group of churches who feel led by God to pull together their community to serve their neighbors in this way.

As one voice we can change the way the world looks at the Christian faith and health care.

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What If I Want To Start A Clinic In My Area?

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Where Are The Current Clinics Located?

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